Automatic terminal machine advantages

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Automatic terminal machine advantages

Compared with the previous terminal machine, the current terminal machine is "automatic", with the progress of science and technology, the development of automatic terminal machine is also changing, from manual to automatic, even the sale method is also from offline to online, then what are the functional advantages of automatic terminal machine? The following medium thick small edition will take you to understand.

Automatic terminal machine refers to a machine used for wire processing, also known as automatic wire stripping press end machine, is a new type of equipment that has just emerged in recent years, set feed, cut off the multi-functional machine set wire stripping press end in one, humanized, intelligent high-end technology products, suitable for large, medium and small enterprises, saving labor.

The automatic terminal machine has the advantages of high precision, fast speed, stripping, twisting and crimping end detection system. Digital control interface, the use of light, electricity, machinery, gas, magnetic integration of the working power, imported electrical accessories, easy to operate, save time.

Compared with the ordinary terminal machine, the automatic terminal machine has many advantages, and the ultra-high speed automatic terminal machine is more characteristic than the automatic terminal machine. The following is a detailed introduction to its three aspects of advantages.

1. Advanced production efficiency of automatic terminal machine: due to the integration of various operating institutions in a straight line, the production time of a single electronic wire is reduced, and the production capacity is surprisingly twice that of traditional models, reaching 5000-7000 pieces/hour (within 100 long).

2, the advanced structure design of automatic terminal machine, breaking through the traditional automatic motor operation process layout, automatic terminal machine cutting line, peeling, hitting end, twisting line into a straight line.

3, the structure is stable, the use of low cost, due to the traditional operation process of the large span of the mechanism with the operation of the effective reduction, the mechanical transmission running-in is reduced, the instability factor is greatly reduced. The simplification of the structure greatly reduces the cost of subsequent maintenance.

Automatic terminal machine features

1. Multi-functional

Automatic terminal machine products have rich functions, with the characteristics of automatic peeling machine, on this basis, further development, so that it can achieve feeding, cutting, stripping, crimping functions, to meet the requirements of enterprises for wire processing.

2. Reasonable structure

The internal structure of the automatic terminal machine is compact and reasonable, resulting in small size and light weight of the product, and it does not need to occupy too much area, that is, the floor area is small, which is conducive to daily maintenance and management.

3. Advanced design

Automatic terminal set design is advanced, the product embodies the essence of modern advanced control technology, the overall design is humanized, intelligent, can facilitate the operation of the operator, there is no cumbersome operating mechanism, without special training, you can easily operate. The product adopts advanced automation control mode, mechanical and electrical integration, high degree of product automation, and the processed products have good effect in practical application, beautiful appearance, moderate length, and can meet the specific conditions of the enterprise for the product.



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