How to use the pole of an automatic nylon belt tying machine

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  Automatic nylon strapping machinePerhaps everyone has a relatively limited understanding of him, because most people who have seen an automatic nylon strapping machine have no idea that it is an automatic nylon strapping machine. There are many uses for an automatic nylon strapping machine. Today, we will take a look at how the rod of an automatic nylon strapping machine operates.

  1. Turn on the device power, press to enter the running screen. Press the start button once to enter the working state. The three display lights in the screen display are in the state, and the yellow state is the alarm state. If one of the yellow lights is on, such as pressing, gripping, or feeding, it indicates that the origin has not returned to its original position. You need to press the stop button to manually return to its original position before pressing the start button to start the device. Attention: Before each operation, it is necessary to ensure that the tie has entered the full guide rail.

  2. The parameters of other function stopper bar in the operation screen can be adjusted to determine whether the binding band can normally curve in the buckle rail or whether the buckle can touch the stopper bar. If the binding band can not be bent, the parameter will be adjusted to be smaller, and if the buckle hits the stopper bar, the parameter will be adjusted to be larger. Set the quantity function, which can automatically stop after setting the production capacity, but it must be reset before continuing to work.

 3. In the operation screen, enter the parameter setting screen according to the parameter settings: The buckle stroke mainly adjusts the distance between the buckle and the material pressing device. If the parameter is too small, the buckle stroke is not enough to tie the tail and cannot penetrate, and if the parameter is too large, the buckle will collide with the material pressing device. The pulling stroke is generally larger than the length of the tie, and the higher the speed, the smaller the pulling force. The pressing stroke is adjusted to just press the tie head. The speed is just a matter of adjusting the feeding stroke to the width of 1-2 straps. If the adjustment is too large, there may be abnormal noise. If the adjustment is too small, the feeding may not be in place.

  4. Manual screen: Press manual operation on the operation screen or parameter setting screen to enter the manual operation screen: entering the manual screen allows for manual operation of each action in a single step, but it must be pressed first on the stop surface in the operation screen to make the device in a non working state before it can be achieved.


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