The working principle of a fully automatic nylon strapping machine

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  We know that the fully automatic nylon strapping machine is an automated strapping device, which may not be widely heard or seen. However, in our daily lives, there are many boring, linear, copper pipes, etc. that need to be wrapped, and there are a lot of them. You can use our fully automatic nylon strapping machine. Today, let's take a look at the working principle of our fully automatic nylon strapping machine.

  When the start switch is pressed, the main electric motor will start, and at the same time, the main motor will drive the electric heating unit cam group, tension cam, and the three cam plates next to the reducer to start working together. The three cam plates correspond to A, B, and C (starting from the left side of the reducer, C, B, and A), which are three induction switches that control the position of each part of the electric heating unit and the complete binding process.

  The limit switch B also controls the unwinding and secondary tightening of the tightening arm during the bundling process. When the cam plate comes into contact with the induction switch B, the electric heating unit stops working and then the forward and backward belt motors are activated to tighten the binding belt. The upper top knife rises to the top, causing the middle top knife at the bottom of the sliding plate to hold the binding belt and cut it. At the same time, the belt guide device moves backwards and the left belt tongue door is fully opened at the same time.

  When the cam plate contacts the limit switch C, start the forward and backward belt motor to enter the binding belt into the belt channel and bow frame. If there are too few straps in the storage box, the balance bar will be lifted, and the induction switch at the root of the balance bar will light up, which will activate the feeding motor of the storage box. The function of limit switch A is to control the process of the machine from the beginning to the end of bundling. When the cam plate contacts it, the main motor stops running and the electromagnetic clutch starts. At the same time, the forward/backward belt motor and the belt storage box motor also stop running.

  The operation of the binding machine is relatively simple. Our automated binding machine achieves a simpler human-machine interaction system, with a high degree of automation, good action coherence, fast binding speed, and can complete a binding action in one second.


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