The main causes of damage to the nylon strapping machine

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  The damage of the nylon strapping machine is often caused by overheating during operation. When our nylon strapping machine is in operation, we have regulations, such as the bearing temperature of the nylon strapping machine should not exceed the allowable value, and there should be no oil leakage at the edge of the bearing outer cover. Excluding these two phenomena, there will be basically no other reasons. Therefore, we will focus on analyzing the cause of its bearing heating.

  There are many reasons for the overheating of the bearings of the nylon strapping machine, among which the common reasons are as follows:

 1、 The imbalance between the inner and outer rings of steel ball bearings is one of the reasons for heating. The imbalance between the inner and outer rings may originate from machining. Because the base and end cover of the nylon strapping machine are processed separately, sometimes the bearing holes on the two end covers are not coaxial (i.e. the centerline is not on the same line).

  2、 Poor assembly, uneven tightening of screws on the end cover, dust and dirt on the lip, etc., may also cause imbalance between the inner and outer rings. If the inner and outer rings of the bearing are not balanced, it will cause the steel balls and inner and outer rings to scrape, increasing friction and heating. If there are no other reasons found, clean the machine mouth and reinstall it, and tighten the screws one by one in diagonal order. The small amount of error formed during processing can be improved by gradual automatic adjustment.

  3、 It is the friction between the bearing cover and the shaft. Due to the misalignment between the axis of the shaft and the axis of the mechanical equipment it drives during assembly, or due to inaccurate machining, the inner circle of the bearing cover becomes eccentric, causing local friction between the bearing cover and the shaft. In light cases, the bearings will heat up, while in severe cases, smoke will come out. Large high-speed motors will quickly turn red at the friction points. At this point, the machine should be stopped immediately, otherwise it will cause the nylon strapping machine to burn out.

 Another issue is that too much or too little lubricating oil is also the cause of heat generation. If the bearing is used for a long time, the internal lubricating oil gradually decreases, resulting in insufficient lubrication and increased friction loss, causing the bearing to heat up. Long term oil shortage operation can cause bearing damage. Adding too much oil or having too thick oil can also cause bearings to overheat. In addition, if the lubricating oil is mixed with hard particles and impurities, the bearing is not cleaned thoroughly, or if dirty oil is used to clean the bearing, resulting in sand particles and iron filings inside the bearing, it will increase the mechanical friction of the bearing, causing the bearing to heat up, and the bearing is prone to damage due to the effect of impurities. Finally, if the belt is too tight or the center of the nylon strapping machine and the driven machine's shaft are not in the same straight line, that is, not concentric, it will increase the bearing load and generate heat.


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