Questions about how to use a strapping machine

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The strapping machine can be seen and rarely heard by anyone, but its use has greatly facilitated our lives. With the increasing production capacity of modern workshop buildings, traditional manual strapping is no longer sufficient for the requirements of modern workshop buildings in the final packaging stage. Therefore, using strapping machines for automated strapping operations is now a common strapping method. Today, let's take a look at how our binding machine operates.

  1. Firstly, adjust the four fixed foot cups to ensure that the equipment is stable on the ground. Maintain a distance of 1-2mm between the vibration disk, interface, and track cover, and ensure that the horizontal position is adjusted properly. Connect the power supply to start the machine.

  2. Turn on the device power and press to enter the running screen. Press the start button once to enter the working state. The three display lights in the screen display are in the state, and the yellow state is the alarm state. If one of the yellow lights is on, such as pressing, gripping, or feeding, it indicates that the origin has not returned to its original position. You need to press the stop button to manually return to its original position before pressing the start button to start the device.

  3. The parameters of other function stopper bars in the operation screen can be adjusted to determine whether the binding band can normally curve in the buckle rail or whether the buckle can touch the stopper bar. If the binding band can not be bent, the parameter will be adjusted smaller, and if the buckle hits the stopper bar, the parameter will be adjusted larger. Set the quantity function, which can automatically stop after setting the production capacity, but it must be reset before continuing to work.



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