How often should the car wiring harness be maintained

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How often should the car wiring harness be maintained?

Car wiring harnesses are generally maintained once every 40,000 kilometers, and wiring harnesses need to be maintained with wire harnesses protectant. It prevents moisture and oxidation. And the protective agent also has insulation, high pressure resistance and other properties, can prevent the wiring harness cracking aging.

Automobile wiring harness is the main body of automobile circuit network, there is no automobile circuit without wiring harness. Wire harness refers to the parts made of copper stamped contact terminals (connectors) and wire and cable, and then plastic pressed insulator or metal shell is added to the outside, which is bound by the wire harness to form a connecting circuit. In terms of function, there are two types of automotive wiring harnesses: the power cables that carry the power of the actuator and the signal cables that transmit the input commands of the sensors. With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for comfort, economy and safety, the types of electronic products on the car are also increasing, and the automotive wiring harness is becoming more and more complex, and the failure rate of its wiring harness is also increasing accordingly.

There are many automobile wire harnesses, and the electronic control system is closely related to the wire harnesses. Someone once made an image analogy: if the function of the microcomputer, sensor, and actuator is compared with the human body, it can be said that the microcomputer is equivalent to the human brain, the sensor is equivalent to the sensory organ, the actuator is equivalent to the motor tube, then the wiring harness is the nerve and blood vessels. Automotive wiring harness is the main body of the network of automotive circuits, which connects the electrical and electronic components of the car and makes them play a role. No harness, no car circuit.

At present, whether it is a luxury car or an economical ordinary car, the form of wiring harness is basically the same, and it is composed of wires, connectors and packaging belts. It is necessary to ensure the transmission of electrical signals, but also to ensure the reliability of the connected circuit, to provide the specified current value to the electronic and electrical components, to prevent electromagnetic interference to the surrounding circuit, and to eliminate the electrical short circuit.


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