Automotive wire harness intelligent assembly

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Covering size, weight
5730W×3500D about 1400Kg(excluding pay-off rack
Applicable wire throughAWG#26 ~ #18
Cable delivery modeCable delivery wheel Cable delivery 20 groups
Wire processing length300 ~ 3500mm
Peeling lengthdouble end 1.0 ~ 10mm
Pressing capacity5 1.5T servo presses, stroke 30mm
Press the terminalcross feed the terminal (JST, Molex applicable, need to replace the punch and the base plate can be good)
Suitable for the main rubber seatthe overall size of 58W×36D×20H below (can be designed according to the size provided) 5 sets of rubber shell clips
Production capacitywhen the wire cutting length is 1m, the efficiency =4.0sec/ piece, when 1m ~ 2m, the efficiency =4.5sec/ piece,
Peeling method
positive and negative lead screw
Handling modeLinear motor trolley operation, a total of 3 groups of trolley clips, high position accuracy
Line storage functionUp to 6 lines can be stored by crossing into the shell
Assembly methodSequential assembly, cross-assembly (free choice within space permit) with cross-assembly will add a hole position of 4.0 seconds
Quality inspection functionPeel length measurement, terminal visual monitoring, pressure monitor, assembly in place monitoring
Rubber seat feeding modevibrating disk feeding
Operation stationTen stations + five groups of cars
Air pressure requirements0.5 ~ 0.7MPa dry and clean air shrinkage
Power interface380V


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