Two ends housing assembly machine

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Footprint size, weight

1800W*1680D*2000H about 1300Kg
Applicable warpAWG# 18 ~ #22 or AWG#24 ~ #30
Wire feed mode

Linear motor pulling mode

Wire length
76mm ~ 1000mm(76mm depends on the terminal)
Stripping lengthThe first side is 5.5mm and the second side is 8.0mm
Holding capacity1.5T servo terminal
Crimping terminalJAM, OPT, JST, Molex cross feed terminals (JST, Molex need to replace the clamping plate and punch)

Suitable for rubber seat dimensions

58W x 20D x 15H
capacity2.3sec/ piece (when the length of the wire is more than 120MM)
Peeling methodReverse screw
Handling mode
The one-two side trolley operates synchronously with the spline shaft, with a total of four trolley clips, and the position accuracy is high
Assembly modeSequential assembly, cross-assembly (free choice within space permit)
Quality inspection functionCopper core end face visual detection, terminal appearance visual detection, terminal detection, assembly in place detection, wire stripping detection, wire detection, pressure too small detection
Rubber seat feeding methodVibrating disk feed
Operating stationSix stations (symmetrical)
Air pressure requirement0.5 to 0.7MPa
Power interface220V
The number of shafts of the feed rack8-axis


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