wire waterproof sealing & crimp machine

Date:2024-01-31 Reading:
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Type numberEME-078
Mechanical Size1030L *840W *1980H(MM)
Capacity1800 PCS/hour (length =150MM)
Adaptive wireAWG1007#16-#28
Cutting line length
40mm-9999mm (conveyor belt needs to be assembled above 800MM)
Cutting accuracy range0.5MM + cutting length ×0.2% below
Peeling lengthR<10mm l="">
Press capacity
standard 2TON, super mute terminal machine, can hang imported cassette die
Power rate2.5KW
Power supplyAC220V 50HZ single-phase
Compressed air0.5MPA(5kgf/cm)
Control modeMSP430E microcontroller,165NA/MIPS working mode,5US standby wake up, high-speed computing
Check the device1. Terminal crimping is not good 2. Terminal is not good 3. Cable is not tied 4.

The machine is abnormal. 5. The total amount is reached

Optional accessories 1. Cassette die and blade 2. Vertical wire feeder 3. Horizontal wire pay-off 4. Long conveyor belt 5. Pressure sensing system


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