Terminal criming with insulated sleeve insertion

Date:2023-09-26 Reading:
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Model numberEME-086C
Adaption wireAWG28#-AWG12#
Speedup to 2M/S
Cutting length80-99999mm
Cutting accuracylength less than 500mm, 0.5mm+ set length *0.2%;When the length is greater than 1000mm, 1mm+ set length *0.2%;
Peel length1-20mm
Power1-8 colors of wire cutting, peeling, two end crimping terminals, one end inserted into the rubber shell, one end through the sheath,Check whether there are wires, wire knotting, terminals, air pressure detection, terminal pressure detection, terminal appearance visual detection
Power supply
AC220V 50/60Hz 20A
Pressing capacitystandard 2TON(Casting ultra-silent clutch 2.0T terminal machine)
Power supplyAC220V 50HZ single-phase
Compressed air0.5MPA(5kgf/cm)


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