end feeding terminal applicator

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Incoming typemechanical
Molds and product categoriesUniversal molds
Terminator Type30mm
Stroke terminator40mm
Applicable terminalTotal length less than 50mm
Apply wire2.0 ~ 5.0 mm squared (# AWG14 ~ 10 #) * half an automaton sample (8.0 mm squared AS81) can.

Note: For the change of the shape and pressing specifications of the terminals, please contact our business office for consultation.

1> The figures quoted are estimates and are for reference only. Die life depends on the severity of the application. Preventive maintenance program

It should be defined by each customer's specific application.

2> Oil anti-rust must be cleaned and lubricated every 8 hours, or stored after removal from the terminal equipment.

3> Precision level Adjust the pitch to 0.02mm

4> The whole set of processing accuracy is implemented in accordance with the Japanese seiko standard, and the mold is more widely used in the process of playing a good working rate.

5> The material used for the mold blade is the raw material of Hitachi Japan.


For the pressing of the end terminals, you can switch between automatic and semi-automatic samples


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