auto pipe cutting machine

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Cutting length:1-9999.9mm
Cutting width:1-100mm
Cutting speed:100-120 times/min
Storage capacity:99 PCS
Accuracy:±0.1mm(depending on material)
Power supply voltage:220v
Volume:L400*W300*H430 mm

Product features:

* High-speed feeding, computer pipe cutting machine by microcomputer program control accuracy of 0.1mm

* Cutter speed adjustable, all Chinese LCD display

* Length and speed can be adjusted continuously

* Automatic group accumulations and total accumulations

* Batch pause and delay time can be set

* Can automatically cut a variety of tubular, ribbon materials;

* High-speed stepper motor precisely controls the length of the cut pipe; Adjustable strip length and speed;

* Cutter time protection; Total set; Split set; The pause time can be adjusted;

* With a variety of manual operation, easy to debug;

* Computer tube cutting machine LCD large screen intuitive Chinese display, simple and convenient operation; English language display is also available

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