nylon cable tie locking and cutting machine

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Fully Automatic nylon cable tie machine (desktop type )

---Less manpower,Less waste,easy operation and maintenance

---Full Automatic nylon cable tie feeding

---Automatic locking strapping cutting

---custom-made vibrating plate according to your nylon cable tie size

---Automatic strapping and cutting finished Within 1second

----Suitable Scope:AC/Dc wire,earphone,power cable,clothes rack,all kinds of harness wire,and tools

Industry Applications:

This equipment is widely used in the wiring harness, cables, electronics, toys, gifts, food and other industries, factories in large amount of binding is highly Pro ignorant, completely solve the low cable ties productivity, employment difficult problem.

Technical Data

cable tie width3-4.5mm
cable tie length60-170mm
Max Pressure Force6N
SizeL1230*W550*H800(mm) approach 225KG
Packing sizeL1400*W770*H1050(mm)


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