two end terminal crimping with heat shrink tube lable marking

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EM-067 Fully automatic terminal crimping with heat shrink tube insertion


1. Automatic Heat-shrink tube cutting loading ,label laser marking (Programmable loading position and heating )

2.Can handle Both ends or Two-sided tube inserting .(Option:Twisted,Tinning,sleeve inserting )

3. Crimp Camera & crimping force monitor

4. Stable productivity.(Servo Motor.SMC Cylinder,HIVINM Load Screw )

5.Labor cost reduction

ModelTRO-067NameFull Automatic label tube laser marking /ink-jet printing inserting crimping
Wire RangeAWG26#-AWG12#Capacity1800-2200PCS/H
Cutting Lengths75mm-3000mmCutting accuracyBelow 500mm,0.5mm+L*0.2%;above 1000mm,1mm+L*0.2%;
Stripping Lengths1-20mmFunctionTerminal crimping,HST insertion,wire cutting stripping,programmable placing,heating,laser marking or ink jet printing
Heat shrink tube cutting length10-25mmCrimping pressure2T(Option )
ModuleOTP(European Module optional )Control ModeServo Motor IPC + Motion Control Card
Detector1 Air Pressure down, 2 Wire existence, 3 Wire overload, 4 Strip error (Laser type), 5 Crimping error, 6 Terminal existence, 7 Terminal overload DetectorCompressed Air5-6kgf(clean and dry air )
VoltageAC220V 50/60Hz single phaseDimensionL1800*W800*H1860 (mm) Approx 615KG
Optiontwo-sided tube insertion ;One-sided insulation sleeve insertion ;Wire feeder ;crimping force Monitor ;crimping camera

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